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Ali Gray & Patrik Tanner on My Bob Country 

Ali Gray and Patrik stopped by My Bob Country to chat about Ali's career in music and the next step in her journey which will include a new album that will be recorded and produced by Patrik at his studio, Studio Bredsound, and play a few songs live. It's always great to visit Paul Thomas at Bob Country. And thanks, Ali, for having Patrik along!

Alltings 10 i topp, Sundsvall Tidning 

Patrik made Sundsvalls Tidning - (Swedish newspaper) Alltings 10 i topp list today with #3 - GB Leighton's version of Purple Rain played at Minnesota Twins Target Field this week! Props to #5 Hanna Samuelsson & Peter Jonsson too! This is a song Patrik helped with that's getting lots of radio play in Sweden. Tack Björn Brånfelt! It's a great Friday!