Alltings 10 i topp, Sundsvall Tidning

Patrik made Sundsvalls Tidning - (Swedish newspaper) Alltings 10 i topp list today with #3 - GB Leighton's version of Purple Rain played at Minnesota Twins Target Field this week! Props to #5 Hanna Samuelsson & Peter Jonsson too…

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Guests at Studio Bredsound

Tonight these guys stopped by Studio Bredsound to record three songs with music producer Patrik Tanner at his studio, Studio Bredsound. We can't wait to share with you what Smokey D - Dave Crowell, Scott Wenum, and Dan Neale have…Read more

Mark Stary Music Podcast

Patrik was a guest on the Mark Stary Music podcast. The first part is about Patrik and his music career in the US. The second part is about the making of Patrik's Swedish album, På Svenska. Have a listen and…Read more

GB Leighton in Mazatlan

GB Leighton is back from Mazatlan, Mexcio! We had a fabulous time. Thank you to all the fans for supporting us. It was great to get to know you even more. See you at the next show and back in…Read more