Born and raised in Sweden (itself a stronghold of pop perfectionism), Patrik grew up with a unique, outside-looking-in perspective on the expanses of American songwriting, and immersed himself in it early on. By thirteen, he’d already become something of a teen star, releasing bona-fide punk records on both Scandinavian and U.K. labels. At eighteen, Tanner moved to the U.S., and, soon thereafter, released two solo albums with his Los Angeles-based band. Upon relocating to Minneapolis in ’94, he began his production career and enjoyed collaborative stints as lead guitarist with Martin Zellar, Sire recording artists Tina & The B-Side Movement, and currently, G.B.Leighton (Billboard.com - Top 10 Country Artists to Watch, 2014). In ’96, he formed the critically acclaimed Patrik Tanner & The Faraway Men. They have released three albums. Patrik has also released nine solo albums including his 2015 release, På Svenska.

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Dwight Twilley


Dwight Twilley playing in Hopkins. Patrik will be sitting in with Dwight on a couple of songs.

Age limit: All ages



GB Leighton - Acoustic

Private Event, Rogers

GB Leighton & Patrik Tanner play private event


  • Night #2.
    Night #2.
  • Elliott dying Easter eggs!
    Elliott dying Easter eggs!
  • Samsonite forever.
    Samsonite forever.
  • Dark One Panorama.
    Dark One Panorama.
  • Rehearsal? Cancelled. These three will have to sing on a different day.
    Rehearsal? Cancelled. These three will have to sing on a different day.
  • Pre post vacation shave.
    Pre post vacation shave.